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Polis Consulting is a marketing technology consultancy and the official representative of some of the most awarded Digital Marketing platforms.

We proudly help agencies and brands around the globe with data based decision making.

In order to do this, we combine leading technology (Digital Marketing Management and Intelligence platforms) with the ingenuity of our data scientists.

Social Listening is just the beginning...

We offer end-to-end solutions

Professional Services

Explore our consultancy services, including vendor selection, Boolean review and tuning, setup revisions, continuous improvement, 'rent-a-social media analyst,' and tool training.

Value Added Reselling

360 approach at best in market prices includes the Brandwatch licence, a customized set-up, training and retraining every 3 months, technical support and Expert Hours.

Customized Reports

We produce cost-effective intelligence reports by integrating industry-leading tools like Brandwatch with the expertise of experienced data analysts and the power of artificial intelligence.

About Us

Where Skilled Humans Meet Artificial Intelligence

Discover the advantage of uniting human ingenuity with AI precision in marketing intelligence.

With a deep understanding of various platforms and technologies, we have a knack for tailoring them to meet our clients' needs, whether it's tackling a unique challenge or working within a specific budget.

Our People

Meet our dynamic superpower team, featuring experts in Brand, Insights and IT. They're eager to assist you in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Our Technology

As official representatives of global leading platforms, we specialize in delivering comprehensive architecture solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Our Know-how

10 years of experience being part of the movements and trends of the digital marketing world. Including AI, NLP and BI.


Why do brands trust us?

Polis played a crucial role in assisting Natura Group (The Body Shop, Natura & Avon) with Social Listening. Alongside their excellent customer service and relationship management, their technical team supported us from the initial setup to suggesting solutions that exceeded our expectations.
Polis Consulting has been our trusted partner since 2014. Their unwavering commitment to clients, extensive technology expertise, and exceptional service quality have truly impressed us. We take great pride in having this outstanding team represent our solution.
Polis provides best-in-class technological solutions in data and social, with powerful tools that are constantly updated. They excel in the level of impeccable service, which encompasses training, onboarding for new team members, and prompt technical support.

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Why Social listening?

Vendor selection, boolean review and tuning, set-up revision and continuous  improvement, “rent-a-social media analyst”, tool training

Why Social listening with Polis Consulting?

Our expertise in leading social media platforms (Brandwatch, Netbase, Talkwalker, and Hootsuite) and advanced technologies (AI, NLP, BI) enables us to offer an exclusive methodology that can elevate your analyses to a whole new level

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